Resources We Use


“Earn While You Learn”
Dinah Monahan
Series of 12 modules, each containing 5 lessons. Crucial subjects for young parents are covered. Lessons include first trimester and beyond. Each lesson is written with the client in mind and includes a short homework assignment. Also includes Life Skills.


“Essentials of Discipline” and “1, 2, 3 Magic”
Dr. James Dobson
9-part series gives parents practical principles to equip their children to face the world with confidence.

“Shame Free Parenting”
Sandra D. Wilson, Ph.D.
Program deals with the issue of binding shame and how parents, without even knowing it, can pass on destructive cycles to their children.


“The Blueprint for Sexual Integrity”
Carrie Abbott, Legacy Institute
A 7-part video series that explains differences between male and female and practical strategies for a beautiful romance. Includes workbook.

“Finding Peace: A Guide to Happiness, Freedom, and Wholeness”
Camille DeBlasi, Director of the Center for Life Principles
A 5-part video series that will help you find peace, happiness and purpose in life. Includes workbook.

“Steps to Sexual Health”
Douglas Weiss, L.P.C., a leading expert on sexual trauma, brokenness, and abuse
A 10-part video series covering a variety of topics. Includes personal journal.