Love = Sex?

It’s about the heart, emotions, and intellect, as well as the body.

Love is something every person yearns for—men AND women. Love is to the heart what water is to the body. Have you ever been thirsty—so thirsty that you craved a cool drink of water. Our heart is thirsty for someone to love us for who we are and accept us unconditionally. If only we could have that kind of love, then we would be truly happy.

Many young people spend their lives looking for this love and happiness. With parched hearts they grab onto anything that looks like it will satisfy their thirst for love. They may find it for a while, but it never lasts. Then they end up with a broken heart. Do you have a broken heart? And so they continue looking. They may try alcohol, drugs or partying to dull the pain in their hearts. Or they get involved in one sexual relationship after another looking for real love. But nothing seems to work out like they had hoped. Many times they end up compromising their sexual integrity by using their bodies in ways they had never intended to..

Sex is a powerful, intimate act. If you separate it from permanent commitment and faithfulness, you can end up with a lot of emptiness, pain, guilt and regret. And a broken heart!

How to say NO:
  • Set your standard
  • Avoid difficult or compromising situations
  • Don’t drink or use drugs on a date
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Date someone with your same values
  • Be willing to stand firm or leave the scene

True love protects 100% of the time. If someone truly loves you they won’t expose you to a risk. Purity is an act of love. It considers the other person by protecting every part of them—body, mind, and emotions.

Say “No” for now so that you can have GOLD SEX on your honeymoon night!
Go for the Gold! Don’t settle for cheap thrills!

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